Denis Ten: Not Just To Skate, I Have Stories To Tell

A Short Letter From Pang/Tong

Thinking of Denis, it would always thrill us to recall how our lives have gone through for the past few years.

We first met him in 2005 Moscow World Championships. At that time we, attending the gala show, were handed flower bouquets from a little flower boy, who was just 12 years old then. Denis reminded us that in 2009 we have reached to him after his long program, saying that, “you are good of your age.” 

In the following seasons, we’ve witnessed him gradually presenting his full talent through sensational performances. Our friendship and collaborations grew deeper in both competitions and ice shows. 

In fact, he was one of the first to know our coming back to competition again when we performed altogether in 2014 “Christmas on Ice” show, just a few weeks before the Four Continent Championships. Later in Shanghai, we delivered our curtain call performance, winning a bronze medal. Coincidently, he also finished in 3rd place in men’s event.

It further touched when we were invited to join his “Denis and Friends” show this summer. With his great efforts to make it through, we’ve gained unforgettable memories in his home country, Kazakhstan.

After fully retired, we shifted our focus from competition to our own company, committing to figure skating outreach in China. At the end of 2015, we met in “Christmas on Ice” show for the second consecutive year. During the 8-day tour, he shared his organization of the ice show for the third time, helping skating kids to grow, dedication for the Olympic bid team as well as his stories in the new programs this season.

During the time when we stayed in Boston for the Worlds Championships, not as athletes but assistant coaches, we felt for Denis’s struggling performances after knowing he got his hip injured three weeks before the competition. We sent our best wishes to him.

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