Chock/Bates: 是机遇也是挑战

iskatng interviewed Chock/Bates during 2015 Cup of China, Beijing.

Bates: We love coming to China. Not only  (because) Madison’s father has some Chinese heritage, we just feel like every time we come here the audience are really warm and welcoming to us. We met a lot of the fans at hotel and they have been wonderful. We get a bunch of teddy bears and stuffed animals today. The gifts from fans, it’s nice too.

Question: Madison, you were born in California. Now you are having training in Detroit. How do you think the training system in California differs from the training system in Detroit?

Chock: Well, I think for ice dances, especially, Detroit is the best place to be. There are just so many world-renown coaches that happened to end up in Detroit. We are lucky enough to train with one of the best in the world, and, not the best in the world. In LA, it’s different. It’s a lot more free-style oriented. So there are a lot of single skaters, not such a big dance field.

Question: You have so many hand holds. Do you think it’s difficult for you because you see Bates is very tall.

Bates: I think something makes us unique and different from other teams is that something we wanna use as our advantage because I think being unique is something that is special. I hope this can stand out so we are able to do complex lifts and over the years it is something we’ve worked to make it part of our advantage and we are gonna keep growing. This is just our fifth season together which is still relatively a young partnership. We planned on continuing with the skate. But thanks for nervous my height.

Question: Before you were teaming up, both of you have got a lot of achievements with your former partners. Probably you have used to patterns of doing some lifts and, how do you get through the difficulties in teaming up and how could you utilized your advantages with your ex partners?

Chock: Well I think having such good relationships with partners before and having strong skaters for previous partners really helped us when we teamed up. We are strong skaters and we got together. Obviously, being a new team is very difficult. But we are able to adjust well having dancing and skating.

Bates: Yes. I think also we didn’t necessarily succeed right away.

Chock: Right.

Bates: Our first season together we were…

Chock: A little rough…

Bates: We were just the fifth in the national and we didn’t qualified for world championship. So it took some time to really joint and come together. But like I said before, what makes us different is also what makes us unique. I think took a little extra time for us to really find our grooves and once we found then, I think things kind of took off for us and we love skating together.

Question: I heard you love designing. Is that including your costume

Chock: Yes. Our competition costume. I design like other stuffs, too. But mostly for, just, skating right now.

Question: For other skaters?

Chock: Actually, yes this year. Adam asked me to design his long program costume. I just designed it. It’s not the one he’s been wearing. It will be a new one. And then I designed Ashley Wagner’s free dance’s costume.

Bates: Long program.

Chock: Her long program costume. For my friends, pretty much.



问: Madison 你在加州出生在底特律训练,可以简单介绍一下这两个地方的训练系统有什么不同吗?


问: 你们的握法变化多样。你们觉得Bates的身高对这些技术有没有造成什么困难?









问:Madi, 听说你喜欢设计,也包括你们的比赛服装吗?



Chock:今年是的。Adam Rippon让我帮他设计了他长节目的服装,不过不是他正在穿的这个,会是一套新的衣服。我也设计了Ashley Wagne 自由舞的服装。



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